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Cornwall council is currently reviewing the provision of library services. In order to save money Cornwall council will not be able to provide the same level of service in the future, or even any service at all. Cornwall Council has asked if Launceston Town Council would be interested in discussing the possibility of taking on Launceston Library. The Town Council is willing to enter discussions but needs the support of local people, as we will have to increase the precept if we take it on. The first step into public consultation regarding this matter came in the form of the survey entitled 'The Future of Launceston Library'.

The 13 question survey opened on 9th June 2015 and collected responses until 4th August 2015 (8 weeks).  There were paper copies and an online version using Survey Monkey, (an online survey provider). The survey was promoted on the LTC website, mentioned in the local newspaper, linked to and promoted on Facebook and Twitter, emailed to all local schools and Parish Clerks (Lifton Parish Council put a link to the survey on their website). Paper copies were available at the Library, Tourist Information Centre, Town Hall and Cllr Surgeries in the Town Square. Paper copies were also given to a school in an outlying parish and a local nursery provider. We received 438 responses, of which 66 were paper copies. Basic statistical interpretation of the results was provided as part of the service purchased from Survey Monkey. Interpretation and categorisation of comment fields was carried out by LTC staff. To view all comments made by respondents please see the Complete Results (38 pages) available in the office.

These results should be seen as an overview only. Some surveys results are duplicates (identical answers received at the same time from the same IP Address –probably as a result of computer glitches) but could not be removed from the statistical analysis. A number of other responses came in from the same IP Address  - this could be several members of the same household completing the survey or the same person completing more than one, or possibly the IP Address is of a public computer (for example the library computers). Not all respondents answered all questions and as such some of the statistical analysis is open to further interpretation.

To view the survey summary and overview please click here