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Agendas    Minutes

Composition: Seven elected members, plus Mayor, Deputy Mayor (ex-officio, voting)
Chairmanship: Chair and Vice Chair to be elected from the members of the Committee at the first meeting in each council year
Non members: Any member of the Council is able to attend and may participate at the discretion of the Chairman, but may be asked to leave if the press and public are excluded.
Quorum: Five members
Timing: Bi-monthly but with the ability to schedule additional meetings if deemed necessary.
Reports to: Full Council
Administration: Town Council – The Responsible Financial Officer will act as Clerk to the Committee (non-voting)

Terms of Reference & Matters Delegated to the Committee:
1. To consider such matters as may be delegated by the Council from time to time
2. To review, from time to time, policy objectives within the committee’s Terms of Reference for consideration by the Council
3. To prepare annual estimates of income and expenditure of the Council on continuing services and of payments on capital account for the next financial year and to make a recommendation to the Council as to the precept in time for its annual budget meeting each year
4. To regulate and control the finance of the Council and to have charge of the financial and accounting arrangements of the Council
5. To consider matters arising from the report of the internal and external auditors and where considered necessary make changes to the Council’s system of controls
6. To receive and approve schedules of payments
7. To agree virements between approved budget headings
8. To make recommendations to the Council on the use of financial reserves
9. To make recommendations to the Council on capital expenditure not already provided for in Council’s estimates of expenditure for the current financial year
10. To consider grants to local organisations in accordance with the Council’s adopted grants policy
11. To undertake annually the risk assessment in the relation to the Council’s insurance cover
12. To insure against such risks as the committee deems necessary to cover
13. To make recommendations to the Council regarding the Crime and Disorder Act 1998, following consultation with the appropriate bodies
14. To make recommendations to the Council regarding the prosecution or defence of any legal proceedings
15. To make recommendations to the Council for the use of powers to acquire by agreement, to appropriate, to dispose of land
16. To make recommendations to the Council for the use of its powers to promote a lottery
17. To make recommendations to the Council for the use of its powers to accept gifts, including land
18. To make recommendations to the Council regarding the future provision of civic regalia
19. To agree the use by any other organisation of the Town Crest
20. To review the Financial Regulations on a regular basis and make recommendations to the Council
21. To make recommendations to the Council regarding the review of existing policy matters
22. The delegated power to keep all procedures under active review
23. The delegated power to maintain the Council’s eligibility for the General Power of Competence.
24. The delegated power to exercise the Town Council’s powers to direct as to the custody of parish property and documents
25. Authorisation of expenditure within the committee’s budget, provided that the payment is made from a budget that is within the limits previously approved by the Council. The committee cannot commit or spend from future budgets not confirmed or from future years. The virement of funds from within the F & GP Committee’s total budget is permissible.
26. The negotiation of tenders which do not fall within the terms of reference of any other committeee and the acceptance of tenders and supervision of contracted projects (provided expenditure is within the budgetary provision) with the practical implementation of the contract devolved to the appropriate committee
27. Making recommendations to the Council on all matters not within existing policy
28. Preparation and review of a plan for future requirements within the scope of the committee regardless of feasibility
29. The consideration of recommendations of sub- committees, working groups etc under the control of the F & GP Committee
30. Consultation with other relevant bodies with similar interests, including other Town Council committees and sub-committees, and consideration of their recommendations
31. Matters not already delegated to the Town Clerk which relate to the Town Council newsletter, websites, webcam, publicity and press releases
32. To consider such other matters of a general nature not clearly falling within the Terms of Reference of any other committee referred either by the Council or the Town Clerk