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Agendas     Minutes

Composition: Five elected members (voting), Mayor and Deputy Mayor (ex officio, voting), Curator, Archivist, Two representatives of the Museum Stewards, Chairman of the Friends of Launceston Museum (all voting) and the Museum Mentor (non voting)
Chairmanship: Chair and Vice Chair to be elected from the members of the committee at the first meeting in each council year
Non members: Any member of the Council is able to attend and may participate at the discretion of the Chairman, but may be asked to leave if the press and public are excluded
Quorum: Four member
Timing: Quarterly
Reports: To Full Council
Administration: Town Council – The Town Clerk will act as the Committee’s clerk and the Responsible Financial Officer will act as its Treasurer (both non-voting)

Terms of Reference & Matters Delegated to the Committee:
1. To consider such matters as may be delegated by the Council from time to time
2. To assist the Museum to meet its primary aim which is defined as:- “To conserve and document evidence of the culture, history and natural history of Launceston and district, and to present it to the public through imaginative educational displays and events”
3. To oversee the development of the Museum and its collections.
4. To visit the Museum regularly so that all are aware of its development.
5. To increase the use of the Museum, including its garden, by individuals as well as group and corporate use.
6. To identify additional funding streams.
7. To identify sponsors, both business and private,
8. To ensure all items, both existing and new acquisitions, are correctly catalogued and are included in the computerized record of the Museum.
9. To ensure the towns archive is fully recorded in a computerised record.
10. To encourage the involvement of local schools with the Museum.
11. To encourage volunteers to act as stewards at the Museum or to assist in any other capacity.
12. To encourage the community use of the Museuem.
13. To consider and submit to the F & GP Committee annual estimates of income and expenditure on continuing services and capital expenditure for the forthcoming year
14. Authorisation of expenditure within the committee’s budget, provided that the payment is made from a budget that is within the limits previously approved by the Council. The committee cannot commit or spend from future budgets not confirmed or from future years. The virement of funds from within the Museum’s Committee’s total budget is permissible

The museum is funded through a grant from the Town Council and from donations from visitors, as well as the occasional bequest. The Management Committee oversees the development of the museum and its collections, and is advised by the Curator. Lawrence House itself is owned by the National Trust and leased to the Town Council on a 99 year lease from April 1992. The Town Council is Trustee of the house and in that capacity makes decisions about its maintenance and repair.