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Launceston Community Emergency Plan (Redacted)

An emergency/major incident is any event or circumstance (happening with or without warning) that causes or threatens death or injury, disruption to the community, or damage to property or to the environment on such a scale that the effect cannot be dealt with by the emergency services, local authorities and other organisations as part of their normal day-to day activities. There is no statutory responsibility upon communities to plan for, respond to, or recover from emergencies, however it is the view of the Town Council that it is good practice to identify hazards and make simple plans on how they could respond to them.

Launceston Town Council has therefore developed this plan to provide resilience for the community in the pre-event phase or early stages of an emergency. Dependent upon the type of emergency it is possible that support from outside sources may not be immediately available; in which case this plan will assume even greater significance.

The Launceston Community Response Team has been formed to assist the activation of this plan and to assist the emergency services wherever possible, prior to, during and after an emergency event.

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